Hole Cover Installation Guide – Customer Testimonial

Hole Cover Installation Guide

The Hole Cover by TUFF STRIKE is a heavy duty, easy to install covering for doors where the deadbolt lock has been removed. The Hole Cover by TUFF STRIKE maintains the security and integrity of the door while covering the removed lock. With easy to follow instructions, this is an easy DIY project.

Before and After – Hole Cover Installation

During an inspection by the fire department, this restaurant needed to make some changes to the back exit door, in order to bring it up to code. The deadbolt needed to be removed and replaced with a Panic Exit Device Push Bar.

Handle and deadbolt to be removed for code regulations

The deadbolt was removed and the Hole Cover by TUFF STRIKE was installed to securely cover the hole left after the deadbolt was removed, and the Push Bar was installed. A Filler Bar by TUFF STRIKE was also installed to cover the removed deadbolt strike plate.

Safe and Secure!

From the outside, the Hold Cover has a sleek finish and creates a tight seal for high security.

The Hole Cover and Filler Bar provide a tight seal to ensure the security of the door is maintained. The door is now up to code!