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Holiday Security

Thanksgiving is a fun filled time of year with family and lots of delicious food. With Thanksgiving comes lots of traveling, leaving your home open to some vulnerability for potential intruders. Follow some of these holiday security tips to ensure that time is enjoyable and relaxing, not met with any unpleasant security issues.

  1. Alarm your home

    Use a reliable alarm system provider to arm your home. This is good practice even if you are not away from home. Initially intruders will be deterred by your alarm yard sign and window stickers. If a break-in does happen, however, the alarm will startle the intruder and immediately alert the proper authorities. This is crucial if you are away from home or on vacation so that help arrives and your home is secured.

  2. Reinforce windows and entry doors

    Apart from a good alarm system, reinforced doors and windows are critical to the safety and security of your home. Simple, affordable upgrades can go a long way in protecting the entry points to your house. Use a TUFF STRIKE Two Post Strike Plate to anchor the deadbolt strike plate to the studs of your house. The Two Post Strike Plate drastically improves the strength and reliability of . Using a wireless motion alarm on windows is an easy way to further arm your home.

  3. Don’t advertise your absence if you are traveling

    Social media is a great tool for connecting with friends. However, advertising your absence opens the risk for someone taking advantage of that absence. Avoid specifics when talking about vacation plans online, such as dates and location.

  4. Set outdoor lights on a timer

    Outdoor lights are a great deterrent to would be intruders because it increases the risk of them being seen and stopped. A good outdoor back and front door light is something every homeowner should have. Set these lights on a timer or even set indoor lights on a timer to mimic the appearance of someone being home. Light timers are available at local hardware and home goods stores.

  5. Put mail and newspapers on hold

    If you are planning a lengthy vacation consider contacting your local post office and newspaper to put a hold on deliveries. A key sign to a vacant home is a build up of newspapers on the front driveway and an overflow of mail in your mailbox. An alternative to putting your deliveries on hold is to ask a friend or neighbor to pick them up daily or every other day during your absence.

    Be mindful of these holiday security tips, relax and enjoy your vacation and the holidays! 🙂

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