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The TUFF STRIKE Two Post Strike Plate is a home improvement that will improve the quality of your door's deadbolt and dramatically increase the security of your home! The Two Post Strike Plate is an affordable, easy to install home security upgrade.

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Installation template for home improvement
Installation Instructions

Tools Required: Wood chisel, Phillips screw driver, ice pick, hammer, , and 1” drill bits & a drill.

1. Locate center point of where the lock bolt will make contact with the door jamb.

2. Cut out template. Place it on door jamb aligning center hole© with hole established in step 1. Using the ice pick, mark each hole to be drilled.

3. Drill 2 – holes, 5 inches deep into door jamb as specified on template.

4. Drill 1” hole at center point© as specified on template.

5. Insert TPSP posts into holes. Outline the strike plate on the door jamb. Carefully chisel out enough wood to allow TPSP to sit flush in the door jamb.

6. Using an drill bit, drill pilot holes 2.5 inches deep for the mounting screws so you do not split the door jamb. Install mounting screws.

*Replacing an existing strike plate:
Simply remove the old strike plate, and put the TPSP template in place. Follow steps 1 thru 6.

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