Types of Burglars

There are many different burglar types and different things they are targeting during a break-in! Knowing what vulnerabilities your house has will help you to better protect it. It is recommended to do a home security check of both the interior and exterior of your home every few months. Making some small changes to your house, such as reinforcing entry doors, not leaving spare keys outside, and not sharing your absence on social media can make a huge difference!

The Two Post Strike Plate by TUFF STRIKE will reinforce entry doors against kick-ins, providing an added layer of protection from a break-in. Alarm systems alone will notify authorities of a break-in and in some cases will deter a burglar, however without a reinforced door, access can still be easily gained!

The Encylopedia of Burglar Types

The Encylopedia of Burglar Types [Infographic] by the team at SimpliSafe